Real Estate

The University of Toledo Foundation Real Estate Corporation (UTFREC) is a subsidiary of The University of Toledo Foundation (the Foundation) that was formed for the purpose of managing all non-academic real estate matters for The University of Toledo (the University). The UTFREC was formed specifically to acquire, hold title to and collect income from property to benefit the Foundation.

A very visual example of a project undertaken by the UTFREC was the conception and construction of Gateway, a 100,000 square foot, 3 story, mixed use development project at the corner of Dorr Street and Secor Road located on the University’s Main Campus. This project established new, high-end student housing, space for an updated student bookstore in partnership with Barnes & Noble, restaurant and retail space. This project was developed not only for the students, faculty and staff of the University, but has become a community resource for all Toledoans and a source of investment revenue for the Foundation.

UTFREC evaluates all forms of real property including residential, commercial and industrial properties, undeveloped land and ownership interests (e.g. limited partnerships). We have an established track record of evaluating a variety of income-producing properties, including apartments, retail and office buildings.

Gifts of Real Property can provide highly beneficial tax results and can assist you to achieve significant and important charitable goals. A donation of real estate to the Foundation can reduce your tax burden and provide you with the benefit of savings that comes from relief of the maintenance of your property. Real estate donations can make good financial sense to both individuals and to corporate donors.

If you have questions or have real estate that you are considering donating, please contact Derek Groves at 419.530.7730 or through email at