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Request a Payment

Checks are typically issued within 5-7 business days after request is received by UTF (provided complete documentation and forms are received).

The Foundation Funds can be used to:*
  1. Pay vendor directly based on invoice.
  2. Reimburse The University of Toledo.
  3. Reimburse employees for out of pocket expenses.
* See Disbursement Policy for Restrictions

Steps to Request a Payment
  1. Complete a Payment Request Form.
  2. Attach the supporting documentation.
  3. Have the form approved by two authorized signers.
  4. Forward to UTF - Accounting: Mail Stop 319.
All Payment Requests need to have the following to be processed:
  • Business Purpose (Explain how it benefits UT)
    • Please provide additional documents for events (ads, flyers, brochures,etc...)
  • Detailed receipts, invoices, and reports
  • Approval from two authorized signers (please sign and print name)
  • Fund number and name
  • List of attendees for meals, meetings, and events
  • Documentation for UT Reimbursements
    • Copy of receipts, invoices, and reports
    • Documentation indicating paid by UT (P-Card statement, general ledger report, labor distribution report for salary reimbursement, etc...)
UT Foundation Disbursement Policy

Click here for full Disbursement Policy

Summary for Common Disbursements:
  • Payments to University employees generally need to be processed by the University for tax purposes. UT Foundation can reimburse the University.
  • Employee-only meals are not permitted unless for a bona fide staff meeting
  • Alcohol is not permitted unless event or meeting accompanied by a distinguished guest or donor for a valid business purpose. Annual holiday parties are an exception.
  • Meal limits: $25 for breakfast/lunch and $75 for dinner.
  • UT reimbursements over 12 months old will not be approved for processing
Fund Signers Lookup

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Note: If the signers above need updated, please go to Request a Change in Signers