Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of the UT Foundation?

The UT Foundation is the official gift-receiving and fund-management organization of The University of Toledo. The mission of the University of Toledo Foundation is to receive and administer private gifts for the benefit of The University of Toledo; to provide effective investment management and fund stewardship; and to nurture increased credibility and donor support through active advocacy to help the University achieve its goals.

Why is a separate Foundation advantageous?

As a private, nonprofit organization, the UT Foundation provides investment flexibility and a separation between public and private funding, so that each can be used appropriately. All Foundation records, as well as board meetings, are open to the public.

What specific services does the Foundation provide?

The Foundation is responsible for:
  • Receiving, recording, receipting, acknowledging and reporting gifts
  • Investing funds
  • Providing stewardship for fund disbursement
  • Maintaining a data base of alumni, donors and friends
  • Assisting the alumni relations and development offices in their efforts

How is the Foundation governed?

The UT Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees, made up of alumni and community leaders. These individuals help oversee the Foundation's policies and procedures and monitor its finances.

How are the Foundation's operations funded?

The Foundation's operating budget is provided through the assessment of an administrative fee, currently 1.25 percent of the endowment's three-year average market value.

Who decides how money is spent?

You decide how your gift is used. More than 95 percent of contributions to the Foundation are designated by the donor for a specific purpose or area of use. Criteria for the use of large gifts and endowments are generally outlined in a written agreement between the donor and representatives of the Foundation and the University. Unrestricted gifts are used for priority needs determined by the University.

Who decides how money is invested?

To maximize your gift, the investment committee of the Foundation's board of trustees works with several investment managers who manage specific asset classes geared toward their strengths. A master custodian holds and reports assets. The Foundation's spending policy, currently 4 percent of the endowment's three-year average market value, preserves the value of the Foundation's endowment, to provide a reliable source of funds for UT's current and future use.