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Broadway star Audra McDonald was one of many outstanding speakers appearing at The University of Toledo through the support of Edward Shapiro and other donors to the Edward Shapiro Distinguished Lecture Series. The programs are free and open to the public.

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By supporting the causes you care about most, you're paying back by paying it forward. You're helping to make The University of Toledo the best it can be for students, faculty and staff, patients and the entire UT community.

Contributions to support the University’s overall needs and opportunities can be made to the UT Annual Fund or the UT Foundation General Scholarship Fund. Unrestricted gifts, donated with no restricted purpose, give UT the flexibility to take advantage of special opportunities and to meet emergency and priority needs.

Or you can tailor your gift to the UT Foundation to reflect your personal interests. Make your contribution toward a specific academic college, department, program or center. Designate your donation for UT Athletics or in support of any UT team. Give to assist scholarships, research or the UT Medical Center. Or pledge your gift to support your favorite student organization or activity.

Your generosity can fund scholarships, provide classroom equipment, enrich student services, contribute to vital research and so much more.

However you choose to support UT, we thank you!

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Last Updated: 1/29/18