Why I Give

Carrie Fleming, MEd, CCC-SLP
Residence: Stafford, Virginia

Profession: Speech-language pathologist, executive director/CEO Fleming Therapy Services, Inc.

UT Degree: Bachelor of education, 1993; master of education 1995

Favorite UT Experience: My best UT memories involve establishing relationships and friendships with colleagues in the Speech Pathology Department while earning my master’s­­­­­­–establishing study groups and creating learning environments while supporting each other’s success.

UT Area of Support: I support the Speech and Hearing Department through a scholarship for an incoming master’s level student. I also support UT with funds for equipment to train students in the areas of Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, or Physical Therapy. Additionally, my company is a training facility for anyone entering a field experience in the SLP, OT, or PT department.

Why I Give: I give back to help provide students with lifelong learning opportunities and to provide materials and equipment necessary for this optimum learning environment. I have continued to utilize my skills obtained at UT and reflect often on my education, experiences, and mentorships I received. I am proud to support the University and I am proud also to now be a parent of a current UT student.
John Adams
Residence: Toledo, Ohio

Profession: Associate director for dual credit and undergraduate admission at The University of Toledo

UT Degree: Bachelor of business with an emphasis in marketing in 1976, and currently completing a master of liberal studies degree

Favorite UT Experience: Happy students and the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, and students at all events

UT Area of Support: Research in cancer, neurology, and cardiology

Why I Give: My parents, in-laws, sister-in-law, and I have been patients at the UT Medical Center. All of us received great care. The only way we can continue to heal is to provide the highest quality of care and advance through research. Drs. Larry Elmer, Samer Khouri, Blair Grubb, Mark Burkett, Iman Mohamed, Roland Skeel, James Willey, Gretchen Tietjen, Joan Duggan, Kris Brickman, Jeffrey Hammersley, Dawn Hernandez, Youngsook Yoon-Krawcyzk and healthcare professionals like Jan Tipton, Sue Carter, and many others are the reasons I give.
Patricia Hogue, Ph.D., PA-C
Residence: Toledo, OH

Profession: Associate dean of diversity; department chair and associate professor, UT Physician Assistant Studies

UT Degree: Certificate of contemporary gerontological practice, 2005, and doctor of philosophy, 2007

Favorite UT Experience: My best UT experience was when I became faculty advisor for the Student National Medical Association early in my tenure. This provided me with the ability to provide guidance and make an impact on the small number of African-American students’ lives, diversify the medical school and the physician assistant program, and to be appointed later as assistant dean of diversity for the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

UT Area of Support: Frances and Robert Hendley Student Fund in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Why I Give: I give because there is a verse in the bible that states: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” I inherited my mother and father’s spirit of reaching down and helping others. This is what drives my dedication to an emergency fund for students of color in medicine, physician assistant, nursing, public health and pharmacy education. My hope is that they will pay it forward once they graduate and become successful in their respective disciplines.
Brian Weinblatt, Ph.D.
Residence: Miami, FL

Profession: Senior director of development, University of Miami

UT Degree: Bachelor of arts in music, 2002; master of liberal studies in jazz studies, 2004; doctor of philosophy in higher education, 2012

Favorite UT Experience: Performances with the Rocket Marching Band in the Glass Bowl and at NFL games, trumpet lessons with Prof. Bernard Sanchez, formation of the Blue Crew and our first-ever appearance at UT’s 24-6 win over Penn State in 2000, and Student Senate meetings lasting until the early morning hours.

UT Area of Support: The Brian Weinblatt Scholarship Fund in the Department of Music, the Blue Crew Support Fund and the Rocket Fund

Why I Give: UT is a member of our family. With numerous UT degrees in my family, and my father and I both former UT employees, the Midnight Blue and Gold is at the core of whom we are. Supporting the University for me is like caring for a beloved family member; our lives are inextricably intertwined. It is my pleasure to support the areas closest to my heart at UT, enabling current students to enjoy the Rocket experience like I did, and helping our alma mater be the best it can be.
Charlotte L. Shaffer
Residence: Toledo, Ohio

Profession: Retired Community Organizer

UT Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

Favorite UT Experience: I grew up at UT. The University permitted me to grow and it challenged me. Had it not been for one of my professors, I would not have stayed in social work. I learned from Harold, my late husband, how important faculty can be to students. There were not that many people on campus during my time, since it was the war.

UT Area of Support:

Why I Give: I give because I believe in UT and what it is doing and has done. I know UT’s history and have seen its growth, development, and professionalism. It has come of age. UT is very forward thinking. So much has been given to me. I want the contribution that Harold and I have made to be meaningful. Harold was very interested in the development of students, and our gift will establish a professorship in the biological sciences, which will continue to provide for strong quality faculty to teach our students. Those who can, should give for the future.
Carol Kollarits, M.D.
Residence: Whitehouse, Ohio

Profession: Ophthalmologist and founder of The Eye Institute of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.

UT Degree: Friend

Favorite UT Experience: I was the first full-time ophthalmologist at the former Medical College of Ohio and was program director of the Ophthalmology Residency until 1984. I am proud that all of my residents passed the American Board of Ophthalmology exam.

UT Area of Support: Medical students and Family Practice Residents see patients with me and observe my laser treatments and cataract surgery. I also established The Frank J. Kollarits Bioengineering Lecture Series Fund in memory of my husband, who taught electrical engineering, engineering physics, and bioengineering for 30 years at UT. I am a charter member of the new UT Medical Research Society.

Why I Give: I donate my time to teach doctors-in-training because I believe every doctor has an obligation to teach the next generation. I can personally vouch for the quality of doctors being produced by UTMC and trained in UT’s Family Practice Residency. My late husband, Frank, always said UT had one of the best engineering colleges in the world. He believed bringing in visiting lecturers would stimulate engineering research at UT and simultaneously introduce UT’s excellent faculty and students to the visiting professors. I am particularly excited about UT’s new Medical Research Society, because it supports start-up projects by young faculty with exciting ideas that might not be considered for funding from other established grant sources.
Chris Bussert
Residence: Decatur, Georgia

Profession: Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

UT Degree: Juris Doctorate, 1983

Favorite UT Experience: My interactions with the professors at the College of Law

UT Area of Support: College of Law

Why I Give: I received a fantastic education at The University of Toledo’s College of Law, which prepared me for private practice in the field of intellectual property law. During my time at UT, I particularly appreciated the fact that the professors were so engaged and made themselves available to students. I have stayed in contact with some of my former professors to this day. My wife Peggy (a 1982 graduate of the College of Law) and I are proud to contribute to the College and its continued success as
Richard E. Stegman, Jr.
Residence: Bellevue, Ohio

Profession: Innkeeper/proprietor of The Victorian Tudor Inn and formerly a dean of students

UT Degree: bachelor’s degree with double major in political science and history, 1979

Favorite UT Experience: Teachers such as Dean Cave, Prof. Blum and Wren (and many others) opened a whole new world to me that has benefited my entire life. I was grateful for the moral support of Catharine Eberly while I was a student rep on the Board of Trustees, and for the irreplaceable advice and direction by Vice President Lance Thompson and Dean of Students Roger Ludeman. Socially, a highlight was attending Rocket football and basketball with the Brothers and Golden Hearts of my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon

UT Area of Support: scholarships for the College of Language, Literature and Social Sciences, scholarships for upperclass members of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and a leadership training fund for Blue Key National Honor Fraternity

Why I Give: I would not have been able to attend UT without scholarships from people I never knew. It’s time I pay that back. I am able to do so because of the education and the co-curricular experience my alma mater provided me. One’s life should have purpose and meaning, and I can think of no better way to do that than by allowing future students, unknown to me, to have the experience I had at one of the best universities in the country.
Barbara Mauntler
Residence: Toledo, Ohio

Profession: Consultant in Organizational Development

UT Degree: Bachelor’s in secondary education, 1970

Favorite UT Experience: Although it is hard to call it a “favorite” experience as I was dealing with the illness of my husband, Dr. Daniel Gaudin’s bedside manner as a surgeon was so impressive and helpful. He is so modest and was so kind in helping us make some very tough decisions.

UT Area of Support: To establish The Mauntler Family Brain Cancer Research and Education Fund at The University of Toledo Medical Center

Why I Give: Our family decided to establish this fund as a memorial to my husband Jim and to support an outstanding physician. We created it to enable Dr. Gaudin and his colleagues, under his direction, to conduct crucial research and education. We are so fortunate to have such a stellar physician in Toledo and the surrounding area.
Bill Bollin
Residence: Sylvania, Ohio

Profession: Chairman of the board, the Bostwick-Braun Company

UT Degree: Bachelor's degree in business administration, 1971

Favorite UT Experience: My college years were some of the best of my life. My favorite experiences centered around helping to root on the 1969-71 “Unbeatable Rockets“ football team to 35 consecutive wins.

UT Area of Support: Rocket Athletics and the College of Business Administration

Why I Give: My education and experiences at UT opened the door to a rewarding career with an old and established Toledo company. I'm proud of this community and consider The University of Toledo a beacon that illuminates all that Northwest Ohio has to offer. Athletics is one of the most visible facets of the University. UT athletic programs also provide the opportunity for many to receive a college education that otherwise might not be possible. I'm pleased to give my support and proud to be a Rocket!