Engaging the Present/Creating the Future

The University of Toledo faces unprecedented challenges ranging from decreased financial resources and integration of technology into the classroom to increased competition for students and faculty. Confronted with these challenges – UT leadership, faculty, staff and students completed comprehensive strategic planning. We created a new vision that includes raising the University’s mission to new levels of community involvement, leading edge research and intelligent restructuring.

In May of 1932, UT Spanish Professor Felipe Molina Larios created the University’s motto, Coadyuvando El Presente, Formando El Porvenir – "Engage the Present, Create the Future," which remains the University’s motto to this day. The strength of this motto arises from the reference to the mysterious point of contact between what we do today and the future we create. This message, our motto, guided all involved to develop our objectives. Armed with the knowledge and tactics for its future, the University has developed transformative goals. To achieve these goals, we have proposed the largest and most ambitious capital campaign in our history.

As The University of Toledo rises to meet these opportunities in this, higher education’s most challenging hour, we have consolidated all projects and improvements for the proposed capital campaign into three very focused and targeted areas:
  • Academic Distinction and Impact
  • Learning Environments and Career Connectivity
  • Multidisciplinary and Interprofessional Projects
Together, we can raise The University of Toledo to its pinnacle. We can achieve real change – change for our community, change for the future leaders we educate, change for the global economy and change for the greater good.

The University of Toledo is the engine that can drive this change! This is the time to act; with your help, The University of Toledo is positioned to rise to this challenge!

A University Rising!