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Thousands of people including alumni, faculty and staff, students, parents and other stakeholders typically see online giving days. Both annual and major gift support of our Day of Giving drives up giving totals and helps to ensure the day is a highly visible celebration of UToledo and the generosity of those who support us.

Matches and challenges incentivize small and large gift activity through online gamification.

Donors are 20 percent more likely to give when a match is in play. The competition with or against fellow alumni drives donors to give more frequently and in greater numbers. Public radio has been leveraging donor matches and challenges for decades during pledge drives. This is the digital equivalent of that public radio strategy.

Matching gift examples:

A donor may choose to “match” all donations to a particular fund. A matching giftcan be set up as matching $X per donor OR $X per $1 donated. For example, "Anna Anderson is matching $20 per donor up to $400" OR “Ben Baker is matching $2 per $1 donated up to $1,000.” 

Challenge Gifts:

A Challenge is set up in such a way that a donor will give $X if Y number of donors give, OR the donor will give $X if $Y is donated. For example, "Charlie Cromer will give $10,000 if 300 donors give” OR ”Denise Duffy with give $10,000 if $100,000 is donated.”  Challenges are all-or-nothing in that the dollars are not released unless the threshold specified in the terms of the Challenge is met.

Last Updated: 9/25/19