Create a New Fund

Thresholds to Establish a New Fund
  • Endowed Funds – $25,000
  • Non-endowed Funds - $2,500
To learn more about endowed and non-endowed funds go to Learn About Our Funds.

General Requirements
  • Purpose of fund and funding source must becharitable in nature.
  • All funds must benefit The University of Toledo.
  • No personal benefits can be realized by donors or UT personnel.
  • Donor must not maintain control over gifted funds.

Contact the appropriate Director of Development or Major Gift Officer designated for your College / Area to assist you through the process.
  1. Complete a fund agreement:
    • All endowed funds require a fund agreement
    • Fund agreements are recommended for non-endowed funds.
    • Fund agreements require approval from the Office of Institutional Advancement and the UT Foundation.

  2. Complete a Fund Control Sheet:
    • Complete all fields. Incomplete forms will be returned.
    • Three fund administrators are recommended.
      • Fund administrators can be Deans, Department Chairs, Business Managers, Program Directors, Managers, and Dean’s delegate.
    • Purpose of Fund and Source of Funding need to be descriptive and specific for proper administration of the fund.
    • Please provide explanation of acronyms.