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Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Receives an annual budget based on a consistent formula.
  • In most cases, if the fund is underwater during the budget period, no budget will be issued for that year.  Go to Learn About Budgets for more information on underwater funds.
  • If any part of the budget is remaining at fiscal year-end, and if the fund agreement allows, it may be possible to carry forward the balance into the next fiscal year by completing a Budget Carry-Forward Request
Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Receives an annual budget based on the current balance in the fund.  If no balance exists, then there will be no amount to award.
  • Does not require a Budget Carry-Forward Request as the current balance in the fund is available at any point in time, as long as there are no encumbrances.
Awarding Process

All scholarships and awards are processed by the Office of Student Financial Aid and are applied to each student’s account per federal funding guidelines. For more information, please contact the Foundation or the Office of Student Financial Aid.

All criteria set by the donor is to be followed when seeking a recipient for any scholarship or award.  If you are looking for the criteria on any fund please contact the Foundation.  Please remember a scholarship fund is ONLY available to be used for scholarships.

Establishing a Scholarship Fund

To establish a new fund, please see our Create a New Fund page for information. The Foundation houses over 1,000 scholarship funds and it’s possible one exists with the purpose you are seeking.  If so, please consider joining funds to support the cause.