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Why I Give

Mark Harris, '81

Mark Harris

My wife Ann and I, along with our daughter and son-in-law, are all proud alumni of the University of Toledo. I met Ann at a fraternity party in 1980. Our daughter, who currently serves as a success coach at UToledo, and her husband met as members of Blue Crew during their sophomore year.

We continue to support UToledo for helping our family meet the most important people in our lives.

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Mui-Ling Y. Dong, '79, '92

Law buildingI support the College of Law because the College supported me when I first attended a seminar about a career in law, through the application process, my acceptance, and my three years in the program. In appreciation, I support the College of Law in providing financial support for naming chairs in the McQuade Law Auditorium, the Law Student Gift Fund, and the Dong Lo Yuen Endowed College of Law Library Fund. Special thanks to former Professor Sandra J. Polin and former Assistant Director of Admissions Barbara J. Greely. Why I give? Because I can!

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Matthew Nagel, '96

Matthew NagelDuring my freshman year I was fortunate to meet Don Reiber, a professor who gave so many students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in broadcast communications. Don's dedication, selflessness and ability to connect with his students was apparent. What many did not see were the countless hours he spent outside of work hours to allow his students to gain real-world broadcast experience. This experience gave us an advantage and launched our careers down a successful path. I give to pay it forward to the next generation. I give to honor a man whom I admire more than ever 20 years after I last worked for him as a student. I give in the hope that The University of Toledo can continue to inspire its students to dream big. I will forever hear Don directing a live football game in my head, "Ready camera one. Take camera one. Ready camera two. Focus 3. Where's the ball 2? Take 2."

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Carrie Fleming, '93, '95

Carrie FlemingI give back to help provide students with lifelong learning opportunities and to provide materials and equipment necessary for this optimum learning environment. I have continued to utilize my skills obtained at UT and reflect often on my education, experiences, and mentorships I received. I am proud to support the University and I am proud also to now be a parent of a current UT student.

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Last Updated: 6/27/22